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Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Tomato Soup105
Hot N Sour Soup105
Sweet Corn Soup105
Coriander Soup105
Lemon Coriander Soup105
Clear Soup105
Noodles Soup105
Okai Soup105
Cream of Vegetable Soup120
Lemon Garlic Peeper Soup120
Lungfung Soup120
Thai Soup120
Calumein Soup120
Cream of Mushroom Soup120
Manchow Soup120
Minestrone Soup120
Wonton Soup120

NON VEG soup

Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Chicken Hot N Sour Soup120
Chicken Sweet corn Soup120
Chicken Clear Soup120
Coriander Soup Chicken120
Coriander Soup Prawn135
Lemon Coriander Soup Chicken120
Chicken Mint Soup120
Chicken Okai Soup120
Chicken Noodles Soup 120
Chicken Thai Soup120
Talumein Soup Chicken130.00
Talumein Soup Prawn135.00
Red Clear Soup Chicken120.00
Red Clear Soup Prawn135.00
Chicken Mushroom Soup135.00
Chicken Corn Chilly Soup135.00
Chicken Lungfung Soup135.00
Mix Okai Soup135.00
Chicken Minestoronr Soup135.00
Chef's Special Soup135.00
Chicken Wonton Soup135.00


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Roasted Papad35.00
Fried Papad35.00
Masala Papad55.00
Chef's Special Papad135.00
Onion Salad35.00
Green Salad80.00
Cachumber Salad60.00
Chineese Salad85.00


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Lat Mai Kai Chicken245.00
Dragon Chicken245.00
Chicken Lolypop245.00
Chicken Salt & Peeper245.00
Satay Chicken245.00
Chicken Dry Fry245.00
Chicken 65245.00
Gold Coin Chicken285.00
Chicken Kurkure245.00
Crispy Chilly Chicken245.00
Chicken Pokoda245.00
Crong Crispy Chicken245.00
Pan Fried Chicken245.00
Smoked Chicken245.00
Crispy Chicken Sweet Chilly Sauce245.00
Crispy Chicken Chilly Honey245.00
Crispy Chicken with Tempura Sauce245.00
Sesame Chicken245.00
Malaysian Chicken245.00
Drums Of Heaven245.00
Peeper Chicken (Red/Green)245.00


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Green Peeper Prawn310.00
Prawn Salt & Peeper310.00
Crispy Prawn Tempura Sauce260.00
Sesame Prawn260.00
Prawn Dry Fry260.00
Prawn Taipan260.00
Peeper Prawn (Grren/Red)260.00
Golden Fried Prawn285.00
Gold Coin Prawn310.00
Prawn Barley310.00


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Fish Finger285.00
Chilly Fish285.00
Panfried Fish285.00
Fish Tikka300.00


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
French Fries140.00
Crispy Chilly Potato185.00
Mangolian Potato180.00
Crongy Crispy Veg180.00
Crispy Chilli Veg180.00
Veg Salt & Peeper180.00
Crispy veg Chilli honey180.00
Gold Coin Veg180.00
American Corn180.00
American Corn Salt & Peeper200.00
Crispy Chilli American Corn210.00
Chilly Babycorn210.00
babycorn Salt & Peeper210.00
Crispy Chilly Babycorn210.00
Golden Fried Babycorn210.00
Singapuri Stick210.00
Green Peeper Paneer210.00
Paneer Chatpati210.00
Paneer Taipan210.00
Mushroom Salt & Peeper210.00
Cottage Cheese Mushroom210.00
Stuffed Mushrrom Chef's Style225.00
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