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Fried Rice120.00
Veg Fried Rice120.00
Veg Manchurian Rice 120.00
Veg Sehezwan Rice 120.00
Veg Coriander Rice120.00
Veg Hunan Rice135.00
Veg Mongolian Rice135.00
Veg Triple Sehezwan Rice135.00
Veg Korean Rice135.00
Veg Brown Garlic Rice135.00
Veg Hong Kong Fried Rice135.00
Veg Special Fried Rice135.00
Veg Shanghai Fried Rice135.00
Egg Fried Rice140.00
Egg Manchurian Rice140.00
Egg Sehezwan Rice140.00
Egg Coriander Rice140.00
Egg Hunan Rice150.00
Egg Mongolian Rice150.00
Egg Triple Sehezwan Rice150.00
Egg Korean Rice150.00
Egg Brown Garlic Rice150.00
Egg Hong Kong Fried Rice150.00
Egg Special Fried Rice150.00
Egg Shanghai Fried Rice150.00
Chicken Fried Rice150.00
Chicken Manchurian Rice150.00
Chicken Sehezwan Rice150.00
Chicken Coriander Rice150.00
Chicken Hunan Rice160.00
Chicken Mongolian Rice160.00
Chicken Triple Sehezwan Rice160.00
Chicken Korean Rice160.00
Chicken Hong Kong Fried Rice160.00
Chicken Special Fried Rice160.00
Chicken Shanghai Fried Rice160.00
Mix Fried Rice170.00
Mix Manchurian Rice170.00
Mix Sehezwan Rice170.00
Mix Coriander Rice170.00
Mix Hunan Rice190.00
Mix Mongolian Rice190.00
Mix Triple Sehezwan Rice190.00
Mix Korean Rice190.00
Mix Brown Garlic Rice190.00
Mix Hong Kong Fried Rice190.00
Mix Special Fried Rice190.00
Mix Shanghai Fried Rice190.00


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Veg Haka noodles105.00
veg sehezwanNoodles120.00
veg Haka Manchurian Noodles120.00
veg singapuri noodles120.00
veg singapuri rice & noodles120.00
veg chilly garlic noodles120.00
veg panfried noodles135.00
veg special noodles135.00
veg hongkong noodles120.00
Veg E Fu Noodles135.00
veg gravey chowmein150.00
egg Haka noodles140.00
egg sehezwanNoodles140.00
egg Haka Manchurian Noodles140.00
egg singapuri noodles140.00
egg singapuri rice & noodles140.00
egg chilly garlic noodles140.00
egg panfried noodles150.00
egg special noodles150.00
egg hongkong noodles140.00
egg E Fu Noodles150.00
egg gravey chowmein150.00
Chicken Haka noodles150.00
Chicken sehezwanNoodles160.00
Chicken Haka Manchurian Noodles160.00
Chicken singapuri noodles160.00
Chicken singapuri rice & noodles160.00
Chicken chilly garlic noodles160.00
Chicken panfried noodles170.00
Chicken special noodles170.00
Chicken hongkong noodles160.00
Chicken E Fu Noodles170.00
Chicken gravey chowmein170.00
Mix Haka noodles170.00
Mix sehezwanNoodles185.00
Mix Haka Manchurian Noodles185.00
Mix singapuri noodles185.00
Mix singapuri rice & noodles185.00
Mix chilly garlic noodles185.00
Mix panfried noodles185.00
Mix special noodles185.00
Mix hongkong noodles185.00
Mix E Fu Noodles185.00
Mix gravey chowmein185.00


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Veg chinese chopsuey140.00
Veg American Chopsuey140.00
veg chow chow130.00
chicken chinese chopsuey160.00
chicken American Chopsuey160.00
chicken chow chow160.00
mix chinese chopsuey195.00
mix American Chopsuey195.00
mix chow chow195.00


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
chilly chicken150.00
chilly chicken(boneless)185.00
chicken manchurian195.00
Sweet N sour chicken195.00
Ginger/garlic/peeper chicken195.00
Sehzwan chicken195.00
Hot garlic chicken195.00
Phuket chicken195.00
Bang bang chicken195.00
Red curry chicken195.00
Dry red green chilly chicken195.00
Fried chicken with coriander sauce195.00
Shredded chicken hot garlic sauce195.00
shredded chicken oyster sauce195.00
Shredded chi with black bean sauce195.00
Chilly garlic chicken & mushroom195.00
Thai chilly chicken195.00
Sliced chi babycorn mashroom with plum sauce205.00
Dry red green chilly chicken205.00
Devils chicken210.00


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Chilly prawn260.00
Prawn manchurian260.00
Schezwan prawn260.00
Hot garlic prawn260.00
Ginger /garlic Prawn260.00
Fried prawn with coriander sauce260.00
Thai chilly prawn260.00
Red curry prawn260.00
Dry red green chilly prawn260.00
Garlic peeper prawn260.00
Ginger peeper prawn260.00
Sweet N Sour prawn260.00
Pan fried prawn260.00
Devils prawn260.00


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Chilly paneer160.00
Schezwan paneer170.00
Hot garlic paneer170.00
Ginger /garlic Paneer170.00
Paneer manchurian170.00
Paneer sweet N sour170.00
Garlic peeper paneer170.00
Ginger peeper paneer170.00
Chilly mushroom160.00
Mushroom sweet N sour175.00
Ginger /garlic mushroom175.00
Mushroom manchurian175.00
Baby corn manchurian175.00
Baby corn mushroom manchurian175.00
Veg manchurian160.00
American patato chilly garlic160.00
Veg sweet N sour160.00
Mix veg chilly garlic160.00
Satay veg160.00
Veg thukpa160.00
kung pao veg160.00
Veg dumpling160.00
Dragon veg160.00
Butter garlic veg with paneer170.00
Mix veg with tempura sauce170.00
Mix veg garlic sauce170.00
Mix veg coriander sauce170.00
Mix veg with sweet chilly sauce170.00
Mix veg with hot garlic sauce170.00
Maindrain dumpling with plum sauce170.00
Maindrain dumpling with oyster sauce170.00
Maindrain dumpling with husein sauce170.00
Sanghai veg175.00


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Steamed momo veg (6 pc)105.00
Fried momo veg (6 pc )105.00
Pan fried momo veg(6 pc )135.00
Steamed momo chicken (6 pc)135.00
Fried momo chicken (6 pc )150.00
Pan fried momo chicken(6 pc )150.00
Spring roll veg100.00
Spring roll chicken135.00
Veg pakoda135.00
Prawn pokoda310.00
Veg sandwich80.00
Chicken sandwich100.00
Cheese sandwich100.00


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Veg Fried Rice,Veg Noodles,Manchurian,Chilly Paneer/Mushroom150.00
Chicken Fried Rice, Chicken Noodles, Ch. Manchurian , Chicken 65/Chilly Chicken150.00
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